Why the Cheetah Evolution? To be something unique.

We see it every day, the same C6 Corvette, Mustang, Cobra kitcar, Mazda Miata, making their presence known on our street, at our local hangout, autocross or track. We didn’t want to be like our neighbors, hell, we didn’t even want to be like our peers! We respect the history and intrigue that surrounds the original cars but we live in a world where we can have our race bred performance cake and eat it too!

That is why the Cheetah Evolution is the perfect fit for the modern driver. It retains the sexy, don’t mess with me styling, yet is designed with all the modern “feel good” items.

Visually striking, purpose built chassis and suspension, aggressive stance, yet the Evolution wraps you in like an Italian made leather racing glove in its bespoke interior.

We will build your Cheetah Evolution to fulfill your desires to be something unique.



An Owner’s Story

I first met Craig Ruth in 2008 at Corvettes at Carlisle. He was displaying the first Cheetah he built. At the time, I was working on my 73 Corvette and did not have the funds for another project.

In early 2011, I was on the internet and found a Ruth Cheetah roller for sale, so I called to get more information about the car. In April, I visited his shop to check out the car and Craig offered me a ride in his finished Cheetah, car #1. That ride was all it took to convince me that I had to have one!

After purchasing the roller, it sat in my garage until late 2012, when I began work. The build was great! The quality of the frame and body are second to none. The hardest part was what color to paint it!

The Cheetah was completed in March of 2014 and street legal in June. The first season on the road was glitch free. MarksCarAtRAIn July, the car was loaded on the trailer and we made the 1,000 mile trip to Road America for the Cheetah reunion. I was even able to do 5 parade laps on the track.

Now it is Spring of 2015 and I am just waiting for good weather to get back on the road!

Submitted by: Mark Strickrodt (2015) – Putnam County, New York

Open Positions

Senior Architect

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Design Intern

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