Current Projects

540 Big Block Project

Chassis #20 – this is also the standard chassis with a highly modified Dana differential with 3:70 ratio.  It is using a 540 cubic inch engine from Blue Print.  Dyno sheets show just under 700 HP.  The engine uses a pulley drive system from Billet Specialties to run the pump, AC and alternator.  The engine and differential are connected through a Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-spd.

The interior trim and wood work was done by the customer for an original look.

LS9 Build

Chassis #18 – This chassis is heavily modified and the first to use the Winter’s Championship independent differential.  It utilizes a 10” ring gear in 4:10 ratio and a Winters Track positive traction unit.  These are non-quick change units – Since we use T-56 6-spd transmissions, we still get a usable driver.

The LS9 is a dry sump engine from GM.  Because of the dry sump, the engine uses an oil pump/cooler in the oil pan.  This has to be plumped to the oil tank, which is the same that is used on the Z06 and ZR1 vette.  The chassis is modified to clear that pump and also for all the brackets necessary for this engine.  We also modified our standard fuel tank for the two stage pump and all the accompanying hardware.

The standard hood is modified to use the GM “clearview” insert like is used on the ZR1 Corvette.

377 Hilborn

Chassis #19 – this is still the standard chassis with the highly modified Dana differential with 3:70 ratio.  We started with a standard bore, dated 1965 Chevrolet 327 block.  It was then stroked and bored to 377 cubic inches to resemble what was used in the original race cars.  The resemblance ends there – we are using aluminum heads and EFI Hilborn stacks.   Since the customer wanted the “vintage” look, we mated the engine to a Tremec TKO-600 5-spd so we could use a reproduction aluminum bell housing from GM.  The engine uses a RestoMod Air pulley system in the front for the pump, AC and alternator.

The engine dyno’d at 525 HP

Alloy V12

Body in White

Chassis #21 – This chassis also uses the Winter’s Championship independent differential.  This is the first car being sent to CA.  The rule in CA is that the engine and trans has to be installed in state by a SB-100 registered installer.  So the customer is using a LSx454 long block like Stacey David from Gearz, but is using a custom intake for carbs.

Roller is shown with our standard wheel and tire package plus the Wilwood brake upgrade.  Also installed before delivery was the AC package and wiper package.

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