Ruth Engineering

Ruth Engineering is owned by Craig Ruth and his partner, Joe Fumic.

It was incorporated in March 2007.

The Cheetah project morphed out of Craig’s other business, Ruth Restorations, Inc which is a continuation of the family business that started in 1958 by his father, Robert Ruth. Ruth Restorations, Inc was officially chartered in January of 2005.

Robert Ruth, who is involved in the design and manufacture of the RER Cheetah started his career as a machinist. In his spare time he helped run his father’s gas station and auto repair shop. While in his early 20’s the road racing bug hit Bob and he purchased a brand new 290 HP fuelie Corvette in 1958. It didn’t take long for Bob’s skill as a driver and mechanic of Corvettes to shine through. Before he knew it he was racing on the weekends and repairing Corvettes during the week out of the gas station. This prompted Bob and his father Clarence to purchase a shop just for repair and autobody. Ruth’s Corvette was born and has been in operation in northeast Ohio ever since.

Craig Ruth has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Toledo in Ohio. Early in his career Craig spent time in the machine design field and eventually moved into Project Engineering in the material handling industry and then Pharmaceuticals. Craig left corporate America in 2005 to pursue the continuation of the family’s Corvette history.

Because of our extensive knowledge of Corvettes and desire to build a car that utilizes the “big V8, small car” formula, we decided to pay tribute to Bill Thomas and his incredible Cheetah. We spent three years developing our body and chassis design to utilize more modern GM suspension components.

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