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  • Cheetah Evolution Factory Package “Body-in-White”
  • LS3 E-Rod engine – 430 HP (Engine Pagkage)
  • T-56 Magnum 6-spd – (Transmission Package)
  • Stainless equal length headers and side pipes (Exhaust Package)
  • Wilwood big brakes – Matching front and rear rotors (Brake Package)
  • Torque thrust style wheels with painted centers and Cheetah Evolution logo center caps with Mickey Thompson tires (Wheels & Tires Package)
  • Wiring harness, battery, switches, fuses, electric fan complete (Wiring Package)
  • Cheetah Evolution gauge package with clock (Gauge Package)
  • Bespoke leather interior with Cheetah
  • Evolution logo on seats (Interior Package)
  • Wipers and AC (Wiper/AC Package)
  • Headlights, Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Side Windows, etc. (Appearance Package)
  • Aircraft style billet aluminum door latches (Door Latch Package)
  • Body and Paint Package
  • Package Integration (Labor Package)
Body in White

Factory Package – Body in White


  • Painted frame – all suspension mounts, harness mounts, PB mounts, Fuel tank mounts included
  • Restored GM aluminum front up-rights, upper and lower control arms, rear supports, outer axle shafts, rear caliper mounts. Color choice
  • New front and rear wheel bearings
  • New polyurethane bushings for front control arms
  • New upper and lower ball joints
  • New outer tie-rod ends
  • New rack and pinion
  • New steering column with tilt, turn signals, hazard
  • New steering shafts, support bearings and u-joints
  • New steel rear half shafts with u-joints
  • New adjustable strut rods
  • New rear toe control
  • Custom trailing arms
  • Custom rear shock push rods
  • coil-over shocks front and rear
  • radiator mount and radiator
  • Fuel tank and quick fill with monza style cap
  • SS brake lines. Flex lines at wheels
  • AN braided fuel line. AN vent line
  • Factory GM rear calipers – rebuilt, powder coated red
  • Wilwood 3 pedal assembly
  • Wilwood master cylinders and reservoirs. Fittings, stop light switch, lines to bulkhead
  • Parking brake handle and cables
  • Front DOT windshield with weatherstrip
  • Rear smoked optically clear acrylic window with weatherstrip
  • Hand laid fiberglass body
  • Hand laid fiberglass Bonnet
  • Bonnet hinged. Gas strut rod assist
  • Fiberglass inner and outer doors. Outer doors un-trimmed
  • Inner doors trimmed to fit and hinged to body. Machined aluminum gullwing hinges.(body work will need to be completed on door)
  • Fiberglass dash
  • Rear inner fenders. Bonded to body
  • Step plates in door openings. Trimmed and bonded to body
  • Winters Championship Independent Differential (10″ring gear and 4.10 ratio)
  • New custom driveshaft and slip yoke with u-joints

Total – $45,000

Engine Package

GM LS3 E-Rod engine

  • Total – $9500
Transmission Package
  • Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-spd manual transmission
  • Quicktime scatter shield
  • Hydrauic throw-out bearing and lines
  • Fidanza Flywheel. Centerforce Clutch
  • Total – $6000
Exhaust Package

Exhaust System

  • Ultimate Headers
  • Custom Cheetah Evolution SS equal length headers and Side pipes
  • Total – $5000
Wiring Package

Wiring Package

  • Fuse panel
  • battery
  • electric fan
  • switches
  • Total – $3000
Gauge Package

Gauge Package

  • Cheetah Evolution gauge package with clock
  • Integrated turn signal indicators
  • Module for speedometer
  • Sending units for fuel, oil, temp
  • Total – $3500
Interior Package

Interior Package

  • Bespoke leather interior with Cheetah Evolution logo on seats
  • Steering wheel and hub for column
  • Carpet sets
  • Boots and trim rings for shifter and PB handle
  • Head liner and door panels
  • Rear compartment aluminum panels
  • Seat harnesses
  • Shifter handle and knob
  • Leather roll-bar covers
  • Total – $8500
Wiper/AC Package

Wiper/AC Package

  • Custom AC controls and vents
  • Dual wiper package
  • Total – $5000
Appearance Package

Appearance Package

  • Headlights, taillights, rearview mirror, side mirror, license light, reverse lights
  • Dome light with mag switches in doors, turn signals, horns
  • Side windows
  • Total – $2000
Door Latch Package

Door Latch Package

  • Custom aircraft style machined aluminum door latches
  • Lockable. Bodywork is completed on door hinges and gas struts installed
  • All brackets are fabricated to run linkage for door latches
  • Outer doors trimmed to fit and bonded to inner doors
  • OEM style weatherstrip installed on door sills
  • Total – $3000
Body & Paint

Body & Paint

  • Total – $10,000 – $20,000
Labor Package

Labor Package

  • Labor for Package Integration will be billed at $50/hr
  • Owner may choose which Packages they wish to have factory integrated
  • Body-in-White Package INCLUDES labor
  • Flat Rate to integrate ALL packages is $15,000

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